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The amazing properties of yeast have been gradually known for housands of years, and have led, more recently, to their broad use in the field of biotechnology. Angel Yeast Company Ltd. has been specializing in producing natural, nutritional, and environmentally friendly yeasts and yeast derivatives for over 24 years. And our products are widely used in food industry, human health care, bio-chemistry and animal nutritional fields, etc.

As a world leading yeast manufacturing company, Angel provides a wide variety of yeasts or yeast derivatives, including:

-- Food industry
Bakers yeast and ingredients
Beverage yeast
YE as Food Ingredients

-- Human health care
Nutrition Enhancer
Functional Foods
Cosmetical Ingredients

-- Biochemical Industry
Fuel Ethanol
Culture Medium


About Angel

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, founded in 1986, is a listed high-tech yeast company in China, which is specialized in the production of yeast and yeast derivatives.  As one of the largest yeast and yeast extract manufacturers in the world, up to now, Angel has set up 10 factories in china and Egypt.

Angel's main products include baker's yeast, brewing yeast, yeast extract, nutritional yeast for human and for animal,ect,

Angel provides products and services for bakery and pastry,  wine and alcohol, food seasonings , medicine, nutrition and health care, animal nutrition and other industries for more than 140 countries and regions globally.

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About Angel Yeast

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd is the only listed high-tech yeast company in China which is specialized in the production management and technical services of yeast and yeast derivatives biotechnology products.  As the largest yeast manufacturer in Asia and the 3rd largest in the world, Angel has invested to set up 8 yeast production base subsidiaries in Yichang, Hubei Province, Yili, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Chongzuo, Guangxi Province, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Binzhou, Shandong Province, Sui County, Henan Province, and Egypt. 

Our main products include bakery yeast, distillery yeast, yeast extract, nutritional yeast, bio-feed, which are widely used in the bakery products, fermented pasta, wine and alcohol industry, food seasonings, medicine and nutrition and health care, animal nutrition and other fields. We supply products and services for over 120 countries and regions. 
Message from Chairman 
Yeast, magical and vital to human health, is partner of human health. Angel has always been adhering to the product concept of being "natural, nutritious and healthy", being customer needs oriented, developing applications of yeast with modern biotechnology, in order to become a large specialized international yeast company with the most varieties and the most complete specifications.

Angel, by abiding by the market concept of "creating value for customers", provides its global customers secure, reliable, and quality products, and world-class technical service and technical support, which has made Angel one of the most trusted partners of customers of the world.

Angel, by adhering to its mission of "creating a new healthy life" and the entrepreneur spirit of "pursuing satisfaction, but never being satisfied", has been carrying out continuous improvement, in order to create an international company of "technology internationalization, market internationalization, management internationalization, talent internationalization" and to create prosperity together with its global customers through stable quality, perfect service, and healthy brand image.

Quality Assurance  

Quality Management 

Angel production lines, with the advanced distributed control system, the world’s most advanced process control system, and the most advanced equipment, have achieved full CIP cleaning to ensure high-quality yeast products and food safety.
Angel has ISO22000 quality management system certification, HACCP certification, GMP certification, and Kosher certification; the testing center has been accredited by CNAS, and is the only nationally recognized lab of yeast products in China.

Technical Support

Angel has a "National Key Scientific and Technological Achievements Promotion Program - Yeast Technology Research and Promotion Center", state-level enterprise technical center, post-doctoral research station, and has employed internationally renowned experts including Mr. Van Knotsenberg from Netherland, Mr. He Chongyue from Taiwan, and Mr.  Tialk Nagodawithana, expert on yeast extracts from the United States and more than thirty domestic famous experts as senior technology consultants.
Angel, according to customer needs, has set up research centers with world class equipment of molecular biology, culture collections, the fermentation process, yeast extract, flour fermentation, bio-medicine, nutrition, health care and environmental protection.
Angel, with a large number of international and domestic technology partners, has formed development and research mechanism with characteristics of combination of independent research and the introduction and cooperation, and matrix project organizational model.
Angel has abilities of quickly identifying the market demand, integrating a number of professional skills, and developing new products.
Angel has 100 sales engineers to provide specialized technical support for the global market.

Clean Production

Angel has applied the clean production technology from the very beginning of its production. The high-concentration organic waste water, through evaporation, drying, and granulation, are made into bio-organic fertilizer, which is the ideal organic fertilizer for green food and pollution-free agricultural products.
All the factories of Angel have first class environmental protection facilities, and have achieved non- pollution emissions.  
Market Service

Angel has constructed the global market channels and networks covering over 140 countries, and has set up agents in many countries and regions.

Angel has a SAP-ERP information management platform and a CRM management system to provide global customers with products and technology solutions.

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